Why choose Minö


Here is a short story about the ergonomic traits and benefits by Minö:

Below is a picture of a regular squared desk. As you can see, the angle required for sitting properly at the table prohibit the actual usage of the surface as workspace.


Regular squared desk

The semicircle illustrates the requirements for legroom in terms of work conditions (that is 70 cm to be precise). The light orange area shows the absolute max ergonomic tolerance and the dark orange draw the lines for the optimal working area. Both orange areas are quite prohibited because of an angle requirement.

The user must effort to use the space out of reach. Or else avoid using this space at all. But why is it then available? The form of the desk is nonsensical in this manner. The problem is that the required effort does not comfort in general ― nor support healthy work positions, as people seem lazy when they reach for things out of range.

Minö took this problem as a challenge for optimizing work environment in circular geometrical design ― by simply taking ergonomic principles as a foundation for the form of the desk. Let us see how. Below is a picture of a Minö desk (Model B1).






Notice that the desk centers the user to the available workspace.
By positing the user in this new position, the desk is something more than just a desk. It is a workstation where the user is in control, focused and with an overview.


Minö is the choice of ergonomics, work environment and design.
Don’t be square.




Difference by

Model A & B


Minö wants to offer the best foundation for ergonomics and work environment. Our design fusions engineering knowledge with intuitive interplay.

The prototypes constructed in 2008 based solely on a private interest. After rejoicing on the intuitive and vivid interaction, the designer, Helle Vilmann, saw potential for expanding the production to a sale for both private and office use.

There was one obstruction. Since there in general is no practical limitation by the Model_A, Danish work precautions requires 70cm legroom (2 feet, 3.5 inches).

Therefore, the legroom is the main difference between Model_A & Model_B – except the more curved look.