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Work desk

Ergonomics in focus

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About Minö

Minö is a phonetic reference to ‘min ø’, meaning ‘my island’ in Danish. The name is chosen by the association to the subtlety of feeling home in a certain place.

Craftsmanship and production

Designing ideas is one thing. Constructing is another. Minö use local craftsmen to construct our workstations with high quality requirements.


Normal squared desks prohibit the usage of the actual surface. By a simple curved cut, the vast majority of the desk is now ergonomically in range and ready to use.

The designer

Minö origins from our designer, Helle Vilmann. Her fundamental idea is making engineering and work environment contribute to each other – Making construction suitable for life.

Unique design

The workstation from Minö is unique by design. Moreover, it is unique by letting you choose your distinct preferences for your demands. Mix color, material, surface, shape and feature.

Care for future

We care for environment of the earth. From the design the workstations we spare a lot of practical unusable surface.
For every 1 tonne recycled wood, environment is spared 1.6 tonne CO2.

The idea

Minö optimizes the utilization of workspace by its circular design. The idea is to create a more vivid and intuitive interaction between worker and work.


Work desk

Ergonomic and environmental

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